My Approach to Bass Guitar and My Bass Lessons

BN1 Bass lessons offers bass lessons in the Brighton Area. Learn from a BA(hons), fully DBS checked, gigging and touring bass player. Bass Lessons Brighton

I offer bass lessons in Brighton and teach students of all levels.

The bass lessons offered at BN1 Bass lessons are designed to put you in the driving seat. I take a “coaching style” to lesson planning, meaning that your interests and motivations are the drivers behind the content that is taught.

If, for example you want to improve your speed and accuracy I will draw up a series of bespoke exercises designed to strengthen potential development areas whilst delivering professionally sound advice on what you can do improve your economy of movement ,string crossing and overall time feel.

Here are some example areas of subjects covered:

  • Timing and feel
  • Aural and ear training
  • Technical development
  • Scales, arpeggios and modes
  • Stylistic focus such as funk, rock, pop, disco, jazz , blues
  • Soloing concepts and phrasing
  • Putting theory into practice
  • Working with a drummer
  • Advanced technique such as thumping and two handed tapping
  • Artist focus I.E Chris Wolstenholme (Muse), Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report)
  • Bass guitar maintenance, setting your action and looking after your bass

Not only that, as we are meeting face to face not only video I can offer feedback and coaching on the spot to rectify any potential risk or bad habits before they become muscle memory.

Price of Bass Lessons

Pay as you play Bass Tutor Brighton

40 minute session – £15

1 hour session – £24

Block booking (for those looking a discount)

5 x 40sessions – £65

5 x 1 hour sessions –  £105


The fee’s can be paid by bank transfer or on the day of the lesson.


24hrs notice for cancellation is required or the full fee is still payable. Also we have time to reschedule.

How Versatile the Bass is

Often over-shadowed by the 6 string guitar, the bass is actually a versatile and indispensable instrument. Here is a video of me showcasing the varied sounds you can get out of the bass guitar. Everything you see here has been taught to my bass students across Brighton and Sussex.

Example Warm up Exercise

Here is an example of a warm exercise we will do in your bass lessons to improve your finger strength and accuracy.


The tutor and accolades

Working and touring in signed and DIY projects, I have achieved national radio play on BBC introducing, BBC Radio 6, RTE 1 and RTE 2, alongside various internet radio stations.  I have worked with industry professionals from all walks and recorded bass on numerous commercials releases.

My content is frequently shared by Bass Musician magazine and other social groups, and I regularly offer extra content via the way of online videos which are shared on socials such as

Bass Grades Brighton

I can teach up to all levels and cover grades 1-8 and am happy to take you beyond the scope of this.  The boards I can teach on are:

  • The registry of guitar tutors (RGT)
  • Rockschool  (RSL)
  • Trinity rock and pop

How to Find me

BN1 Bass Lessons
32 Dyke Road Drive
Bookings from 8am to 9pm